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Personal Emergency Response System

1. An Emergency
Situation Occurs    The User pushes the single Emergency button on the
Alert Sentry portable pendant.
Or, the User pushes the Emergency button on the
Main Console Unit.

2. Talk With a Trained Operator    An Alert Sentry Call Center Operator
speaks to the User through the Main Console Unit –
its powerful hands-free function works throughout the home.
The Operator confirms the User's immediate needs and takes action.
If the Operator cannot hear the User's voice, a pre-planned response is

3. Help is on the Way!    The Call Center Operator immediately relays the
emergency response based on the
User's direction or a
pre-arranged plan.
Depending on the need, the
rapid response includes an emergency call to the local fire
or police station, or to a family member or friend.
The Operator provides any specially needed details concerning the User
or their residence to the responders.

Rigorously Tested to UL Standards
The Alert Sentry System has been independently tested and conforms to
UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards 1635 and 1637 for use in Home
Health Care signaling.

Special Safety Feature
The Alert Sentry System has a special
safety feature built into the
Main Console, a speaker phone. This feature allows you to answer your
phone simply by pushing your remote button when your phone rings. This
means no more having to get up and run to answer the phone. Statistics
show this is when many falls take place. With the Alert Sentry System
you'll never miss another call or need to rush to answer the phone!
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